Brooklyn Business Center Office Renovation

Brooklyn, NY

CMAA NY/NJ Chapter

Project Achievement Award Winner 2014


Market: State & Local Agencies

Services: Project, Construction & Relocation Management


Purpose: Complete interior renovation of the Brooklyn Business Center & City Register’s Office in the Brooklyn Municipal Building.


Scope: Temporarily relocate 100 occupants; Demolition and Renovate Interior of  2 floors, consisting of 24,000 SF; and Relocate tenants back into the new spaces.



  • During demolition, uncovered unforeseen conditions in subfloor
  • Occupant requested changes to the finishing methods and materials, to include marble columns, bronze doors, mechanical and plumbing desires, and more - increased the scope by 55% of the original
  • Original Contract Completion period was 12 months
  • Faced with delays getting contractor started because registration issues
  • Delays because of the change in materials and scope
  • Delays as a result of Hurricane Sandy
  • High profile and visibility; and coordination of many stakeholders, building tenants.
  • Continuous occupation of building during construction



  • Occupants received all of their requested changes
  • Maintained coordination with all stakeholders and tenants
  • Despite the changes in scope and 4-6 months of delays, construction was completed within the original 12-month period


Project Details:

Owner: NYC Department of Citywide Administrative Services

Square Footage: 24,000

Construction Value: $8.8M

Construction Period: 12 months


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