Churchland Elementary School

Portsmouth, VA


Market: Education

Services: Construction Management


Originally founded in 1922, Churchland Elementary School in Portsmouth, Virginia opened its doors with less that 30 students. Today, the current student population is approximately 750. In 2011, the school was in need of mechanical renovations and awarded a contract to Taylor Enterprises as General Contractor and AFG Group, Inc. as the Construction Manager.


The $1 million project consisted of a major mechanical system renovation to eliminate long-time high humidity issues, which was primarily caused by deteriorated chilled water system piping. Prior to this renovation, the school was collecting the dripping water in strategically placed buckets around the school.


The scope involved demolishing the mechanical piping above the ceiling and removing the existing chiller units and the through window condensing units. The new installation includes a closed chiller system with new roof-top units, ductwork, and new piping above the ceiling and under the concrete floor and foundation levels. The acoustical ceilings, approximately 56,000 SF; lighting units, walls and partitions were replaced or restored. The renovation affected four wings of the elementary school, both floors, and the main corridors.


Project Details


Owner: Portsmouth Public Schools

Square Footage: 56,000

Cost: $1 Million

Year Completed: 2011


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